A Royal Town, A Capital Place

11-gisors-capitale-vexinCapital of Norman Vexin, Gisors is situated at the crossroads of Normandy, Picardy and the Great Paris, and is rich in the diverse traditions and influences taken from each of these three regions. The roads and streets of this old medieval town still reveal what an important townGisors was in centuries past. The town is dominated by the impressive castleon its feudal mound, which, gives an exceptional insight into the history of anglo-normand and french medieval military construction. It is with this in mind and enveloped in the mysterious treasures of the Knights Templar that the tourist office organises its famous spectacle – ‘Gisors, The Legend’ ©.  The Church of St. Gervais St. Protais, worthy of cathedral status, is a beautifully eclectic example of the evolution in architecture from Gothic to Renaissance. Every Monday and Friday morning, the town buzzes to the rythm of its market, a tradition dating from the 12th century, and famous for its rich variety of stalls. The “Street Sales” in June and September render the town a pedestrian only zone, giving you the opportunity to wander through the streets and searching the standsin the hope of unearthing an undiscovered treasure. The area with its forests, lakes and lush green valleys is the perfect place for those whose passion is to discover the great outdoors on foot – walking, hiking, rambling. It alsocaters for those who like to fish and play golf. For children, there are a number of activities to choosefrom,such as child friendly farms and activity parks. Situated only one hour from Paris, Rouen and Evreux and half an hour from Beauvais, Vernon and Giverny, Gisors, is a stopover point on three historic routes, and was an inspiration for the world famous artists Picasso (in Gisors) and Pisarro (in Eragny/Epte).

Gisors, Capitale du Vexin Normand